She's Been Unemployed Since 2016 And She Just Won 50 Million PowerBall.

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When people says , do not give up in life you better listen and focus on what you doing . 

Christmas came very early to a 28 year old from Limpopo province who recently won R50 Million Powerball from national lottery, congratulations to her . According to the source ( Sthembiso Mngoma ) an independent journalist reported that's , the 28 year old is from Limpopo . She have been unemployed since 2016 which totaling to almost 6 years without any income or money in her wallet . 

According to Sthembiso , she said she will build houses for her mother and her soulmate mother .  

After comments were asking that why she include her boyfriend mother in her plans , Sthembiso answered and said , the reason for her to buy her boyfriend house is that , her boyfriend always encourages her to play lotto . 

Congratulations to her , we wish her all the best with her money , billions of people are dreaming to win this sum of money as many people contribute daily to play lottery . We wish she can spend her money wisely . 

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