Why Recent Relationships Don't Last Instead Are Falling Apart So Easily Today


Why are relationships so hard today? Are we not prepared for the sacrifices,for compromises and for the unconditional love?

Certain things occur in individual's life that wreckage up their feelings. Ladies are generally influenced by passionate changes following the activities and responses of certain female hormones that manifest as they grow more older.

Emotional episodes can cause considerable amount of harm in your relationships if you don't deal with them well at times.

Some people are not ready to invest all that it takes to make a relationship work. We want everything free,easy and simple. We confuse love with other feelings. Maybe we just want someone to show us a good time,or someone to talk to regularly,so we don't feel lonely.Love is all about mutual respect, understanding and friendship. Some of us also form relationships based on convenience. We don't have time,space,or patience to develop loving,lasting relationship. Our young boys and girls,are busy chasing materialistic dreams,and there is no space to love. Modern relationships are nothing more than feasibility.Another factor,is the role of communication,in any relationship, this cannot be neglected. No relationship can survive for long without proper communication between the two partners.

More people turned to online dating ,to find a partner. Where dating apps such as Rafiki and Tinder,are the thing,finding a date in 2000s era dating websites is even considered obselete. This actually,make sense, given that almost everyone,owns a smartphone. We spend alot of time in the digital world.It's no surprise that the rules of dating and relationships have changed. With changing lifestyles and the introduction of technology,the way our people choose and acquire a potential partner,will not be same way our parents did it.

The courtship is also almost non-existent, as it has different meanings depending on what culture you belong. Generally speaking,it is the period of romantic activity,often initiated by men,prior to asking for woman's hand for marriage.

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