Berla Mundi Posts A Stunning Photo Of Herself Announcing The New Changes In 'The Day Show' On TV3


Berla Mundi's post, referenced from her Facebook page.

Berla Mundi is a Newscaster cum television show host with TV3. The young lady has indeed built a niche of competence, respect, and public admiration for herself since she emerged on the lime light of showbiz and entertainment; owing to her decency, her humility, and her great sense of humour.

Berla happens to be currently the host of the day program on TV3, where various pressing social issues are discussed.

The photo Berla Mundi attached to her post on Facebook.

As if to stun her followers with her exquisite beauty, Berla in announcing the new changes which had been made in 'The Day Show', posted the above stunning photo of herself with her infectious smiles.

In the post, she indicated that; "in addition to 3pm on Saturdays, 'The Day Show' will now be aired on Thursdays at 9pm from today".

Again, she admonished that; people should join the show by their sets to enjoy the show tonight; since tonight's show promises to bring victims of burns to share their experiences and how they are faring.