Kenya's Extravagant Matatu Culture


The capital City of Kenya, Nairobi has seen a lot of creativity as far as decorating their matatus is concerned. Unlike the recent past when Kenyan roads was mostly filled with the 14-seater matatu, today most matatus come in form of buses, some carrying a maximum of over sixty passengers.

As if that is not enough, the creative industry has found a way of expressing their talents by decorating these matatus. They are often painted in a uniform color, head mirrors fitted and beautiful graphics added on the body, mostly images of leaders, actors and musicians.

This is however still un upcoming trend since some matatu organizations have not yet subscribed to the practice. To those who have done the decorations, you will find the interior of the vehicles fitted with screens at the front of the vehicle, sideways, the back and even at times outside the matatu.

As if that is not enough, some vehicles have screens behind every seat, so that each person has their own view of the screen at their own comfort.

The matatu industry therefore provides income even to the creative industry.


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