Tragedy as A Form Four Student Kills His Father Over A Girlfriend In Bungoma County

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Cases of domestic violence have continued to be reported in the country, as sons, fathers and even daughters are turning against each other and killing them mercilessily. The most recent shocking case is where a twenty two-year-old boy killed his five family members in Murang'a.

This morning, Sulwe FM, a radio station in Bungoma county has taken to its facebook page and informed the public of an incident where a form four student has killed his father, over a girlfriend.

The terrible incident has happened in Namirembe in Bukembe West Ward in Bungoma county. Sulwe FM is yet to disclose to the public what had transpired between the father and the son, that has led to the cruel murder.In the pictures posted by Sulwe, a number of people are seen already gathered to what is believed to be at the deceased compound. A young man is seen in another picture seated in fear, in what looks like he is being questioned.Follow us to receive an update of this news. Share with us your thoughts of the incident in the comment section.

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