Big Blow to Esther Passaris As Latest Poll Reveal Interesting Results In Nairobi Race

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The latest Poll results from Mizani Africa has revealed interesting details in the contest for the position of Nairobi women representative. The poll is clear Millicent Omanga is in the lead closely followed from behind by Esther Passaris.

The poll conducted by Mizani Africa is clear if elections happened today then Millicent Omanga would easily emerge in the lead. Passaris and Shebesh would follow from behind clearly demonstrating UDA is a heavy force in Nairobi County.

The poll puts it clear Esther Passaris cannot retain her seat as women representative if elections happened today. Clearly this demonstrates Omanga is a frontrunner and a force that could take over Nairobi from Passaris, clearly a huge blow to the ODM women representative.

The poll also puts it clear Esther Passaris would have it rough to win any seat in Nairobi save for an MCA seat as the rest of the seats are difficult to win. However as always it's a matter of wait and see of what will unfold for it's a fact we live in extremely interesting times.

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