Beautiful Akan Names You Can Give Your Kids To Make Them Special


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There's a popular belief that the name you give to your child is a major factor that will determine how he or she will be in the future. I'm here to tell you that it's very true because I've seen some people who had setbacks in life as a result of the name given to them by their parents.

Children are gifts from God, that is why you should cherish your child right from infancy so that you will reap a good fruit when the time comes. This also refers to the way parents tend to use insulting words on their children, not knowing that there is a high chance that the child will behave that way in the future.

Asantewaa took out time to select some beautiful Akan names which you can give your kids, to make them special. Checkout some of these name below;

1.) Odeneho - An independent one

2.) Katakyie - A Strong man

3.) Osei/Serwaa- Noble man/woman

4.) Antobre - A child who never experienced hardship

5.) Addae - The morning sun

6.) Agyei - A messenger of God

7.) Agyenim - A child sent by God to be great

8.) Anasah - Royal child

9.) Adom - Grace of God

10.) Baginya - A stable child

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