How to start a bike rental business

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In Kenya, bike rentals are becoming increasingly popular. Riding is a popular pastime for many individuals. Many bikers prefer to rent rather than buy because they want to save money. Bicycle rental is a recent trend in universities and along coastal regions, particularly at the beach. Starting a bike rental business might be a lucrative endeavor. You can even charge individuals to teach them how to ride a bike. Here's everything you need to know about starting a bike rental business in Kenya.

In Kenya, how much does it cost to start a bicycle-hiring business?

The cost of starting a bike rental business is determined by how many bikes you want to start with. Buying and maintaining a bicycle is not expensive. A nice mountain bike costs about Ksh 15,000 in Kenya. You can begin with two bicycles and add to your collection as demand grows. This means that for Ksh 30,000, you can start with two bikes. You might want to factor in the expense of maintaining the motorcycles as well. Bike maintenance are relatively inexpensive, costing less than Ksh 1,000 every month.

Is it Profitable to Rent Bikes in Kenya?

The bike rental industry is very new, and the market is not yet saturated. It means you won't have much competition when you first start your firm. It means that you can set charges for bike services based on demand. Renting a bike for an hour costs on average Ksh 100. You will have made Ksh 1,000 if you have two motorcycles and each is hired for 5 hours each day. It is a viable business that can be combined with others. You can also charge for other services, such as training. This will assist you in increasing your earnings and attracting new customers.

If you have a bike that you don't use, renting it out is a terrific way to supplement your income. You can even form a partnership with a friend to start a major bike rental company. You'll need a large number of bikes to make a considerable profit from this business. Also, in densely populated places, make sure to target the young people.

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