Couple breaks internet with their cement bag outfit. Checkout the reactions of netizens

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Love is one of the most amazing experiences on Earth. Those who complain about love being bitter, have never experienced the genuine form of love. Maybe, they fell in love with the wrong person. Falling in love with the wrong person makes you emotionally weak and even gets you doubting the happiness attached to love.

This article talks about two love birds who are obviously having a good time together. They decided to wear the same outfit so the world could see that their match is unparalleled. This is nothing new to us since we have been seeing couples create a match, day in and day out.

What really got them trending was their choice of outfit. You could see that the material which was used in creating their outfit was purely from a cement paper. This couple gathered cement papers, took it to a dressmaker, took their measurements and asked them to go ahead and get the job done.

When you think you have seen it all, some people just bang in and prove you wrong. Netizens after seeing this picture just couldn't keep the laughter to themselves as they gave the couples names.

Some are saying the love is a concrete love which has two connotations. The first one being a strong love and the second one being, their outfit.

Others are saying this love is a love built on a solid foundation. Well, you can tell that cement adds up to the strength required to put up a building and looking at their cement outfit, their love is really going to be strong.

I compiled a few comments from netizens and these are what some had to say;

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