"I'll Be Carrying a Big Bag to Fit a Blanket Just In case 7:59pm Inipate Nje," Says Diana Marua


Diana Marua has joined celebrities asking President Uhuru Kenyatta to unlock the country.

This comes right after Saturday night's curfew enforcement, in which police officers mounted roadblocks in various parts of Nairobi such as Thika Road, Lang'ata, Wilson Airport and Kayole Junction, stating that they had received orders from above.

Thousands of Kenyans were left stranded for hours. This led to massive distress which resorted to continuous hooting and screams from the public.

Bahati's wife, Diana Marua, was among those stranded and took to social media to inform Kenyans on what was going on on the ground via her instagram feed.

She later on stated that she'll be carrying a big bag to fit a blanket just in case she fails to beat the curfew.

"...the traffic in Nairobi can't even allow you to be home by 8pm."

She further added that the streets were very cold and people were rushing home trying to fend for their families.

"Nobody cares about us, we will take care of ourselves."

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