UDA MP Calls On Security, Blames Wajackoya After Rowdy Youths Stormed Kenya Kwanza Rally (VIDEO)

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Didmus Barasa, the Kimilili MP, was in charge of the Kenya Kwanza campaign in Nandi County today and was compelled to bring in his security team to deal with boisterous adolescents who broke into the event and caused chaos while he was speaking.

According to the MP, the young people had gone to the event with a local MCA candidate and were interfering with his speech. After the youths became boisterous, Barasa threatened to expel the unnamed MCA aspirant and the youths from the VIP section before instructing his Security to deal with them.

"Vinana wanyamaze Mimi ningependa. Mtulie kabisa (Please be quiet, those youths. Be extremely calm); "Barasa was heard speaking to the rambunctious kids.

Barasa lost his calm and threatened to kick the MCA and the unruly teenagers to the rear seats as he tried to deliver his address, but the youths continued to cause commotion.

The unnamed MCA candidate was instructed by Barasa, "Wewe bwana MCA, ambia hao vijana wako wanyamaze ama uende ukae nao hapo nyuma (You Mr. MCA, tell those your youths to keep quiet or you will go and seat with them at the back)".

He made threats, but they were ineffective since the noisy adolescents kept up the disruption and interruption of his speech for unexplained reasons, leading him to call in his security to take charge of the situation.

According to Barasa, the Wajackoya effect is to responsible for these behaviors because it pushes young people to consume harmful drugs.

Barasa instructed Security, "Where are my Security men, go and tell those youths to be quiet and seat towards the back there." "Wapi vijana wangu wa Security, enda uwambie wale vijana wanyamaze na wakae huko nyuma."

"You know this Wajackoya has brought things that when people use them causes a lot of problems," Barasa said. "Unajua huyu Wajackoya analeta vitu watu wakitumia inaleta matatizo sana."

Speeches carried on without incident until the event's conclusion after the issue was quickly resolved.


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