Zubby Michael, Jim Iyke and Other Nollywood Actors That Can Play The ‘Bad Boy’ Role in Movies

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The Nollywood industry is famous for sticking stereotypical roles to certain actors. This is why we always see Olu Jacob as King or Gentle Jack as a fighter, Ramsey Nouah as a lover boy; the list is endless. These actors are known for a particular role that plays to their strength. When you think of Actors that will act as villains, there are quite a number of people that would come to mind. Two popular actors that can own this role are Zubby Michael and Jim Iyke. They fit the 'bad boy' role so well that they have grown a fan base out of that particular niche. 

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Of course, there are other parameters with which you can judge an actor you want to play a particular role. Some of which are; the intensity of the character's dialogue, the character’s mood, and how you want the character to be portrayed in general. Once a proper script analysis is done, you can now cast who fits seamlessly into the role. 

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Jim Iyke

Jim Iyke has always been known to play strong characters in Nollywood movies. He does not need to say he is the bad guy in the film for you to notice. You get that from the minute his first scene plays out. Jim Iyke possesses the ability to hold viewers spellbound through the movie. They would want to see what he would do and how he would react to situations thrown at him. This instant fear grips you when you find out that your favourite actor is up against Jim Iyke. In my opinion, 'Boys cot' is a movie Jim Iyke gave his best 'bad boy' performance yet. He was exceptional in his delivery as a warlord. 

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Zubby Michael

Zubby Michael is also a fantastic actor as well. He is popularly called 'Eze Ndi Ala,’ which means 'King of Mad people.’ This name is carved from his ability to depict an erratic character in movies. Zubby's lines from a film got sampled in Burna Boy's hit song 'Killin Dem.’ His role in that movie gave him a stronghold as a person directors will pick for the villain. 

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Mike Ezuronye 

When he is not playing a lover boy, Mike Ezuronye will play the role of a scary warlord. We have seen him in countless movies in that role, although his best films come from him as a loverboy. If a director wants a bad boy that no one would see coming, this is the guy.

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Kelvin Ikeduba

His face is capable of instilling fear in the hearts of viewers. Kelvin is an awesome actor, and he plays any role given to him like he was born to do it. We have seen a number of times when he is given the bad boy role, and it is almost as though he is one in real life. 

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Bolanle Ninalowo

I find it difficult when I see him play roles that do not dominate other characters because his physique gives him out even before he says anything. Bolanle is spot-on; when you want an erratic bad boy in your movie, and he would give an outstanding performance, you might fall in love with the villain. 

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