Update| Thirteen Suspects Involved In Business Robbery And Exotic Car Dealership Appeared In Court


Thirteen perpetrators appeared in the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court today for alleged involvement in business robbery and exotic car dealership in Milnerton. Supposedly they entered the toy shop and demanded two vehicles, the sellers refused to give them then they got infuriated. They began smashing all vehicles in the showroom and they fled the scene with computers.

It is alleged that they also assaulted the stuff before they left, the law enforcement officers went through this video as it went viral and they said the attack could be linked to an extortion racket. People are saying that these perpetrators are the only ones who lost whereas the company has insurance probably, it will recover all the vehicles yet the perpetrators will be in prison.

Some people said that none of them will go to prison not even probably get arrested. Insurance or not, Now the insurance company needs to pay out and somewhere along the line they increase their tariffs and then everyone else also loses out.


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