Do You Forget Things So Easily? Worry No More. Eat These Six Foods For A Retentive Memory.


One major problem most people face especially children at School going age as well as the aged is short memory. Research has proven that children who perform poorly in schools are those who are suffering from short memories. Short memory is not necessarily a disease but it is a situation that occurs when the brain is deprived of certain food nutrients.

In this article, I'll take you through some foods that can give your memory or brain the needed nutrients for it to be very retentive.

Sugar. I guess you are confused? Yes I mean sugar but not the raw sugar or table sugar, but glucose which the body process from the sugary and starchy foods we eat. Sugar is the preferred fuel for the brain. Preferably, a glass of natural fruit juice twice a day can help boost your memory health.

Fish. Fish contains a protein source known as omega 3 fatty acid which is a great key for brain health. A diet with enough fish lower dimentia and stroke risk and slowers mental decline. Fish meal is highly recommended for the aged.

Chocolate and Nuts. Wondering why the whites Dont joke with chocolate? The answer is simple. Dark chocolate has powerful antioxidants that contains natural stimulants like caffeine which can enhance focus. Eating chocolate regularly also enhances rapid blood flow to all the body parts including the brain. Nuts and seeds are also good in vitamin E which prevent old age cognitive decline.

Avocados/ Pear. Our body organs including the brain depends on blood flow. Diet having avocado can reduce the risk of heart disease by reducing the bad cholesterol which prevent the rusk of plaque build up in the veins and arteries. This in turn induces blood flow to all parts of the body to function well including the brain.

Honey. Pure honey is a good source of vitamins and minerals that enhance brain performance. Research has proven that children that are given pure honey instead of raw sugar are expected to be intelligent aside having retentive memory. It is advisable to give your child some honey regularly for good brain functioning.

Lastly, caffeine. Though not advisable to take it in large quantity, but drinking beverages such as coffee and energy drinks in their right amount can help make you stay alert due to its high caffeine content. Children shouldn't be encouraged to take drinks high in caffeine, but the aged can take them moderately to help make them stay alert.

It should be noted that some drugs also helps in retentive memory, but they come with their own side effects so why Dont you go the natural way?

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