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There is a well called the petrifying well of Knaresborough in England where any object turns into stone, the well is also called the dropping well. A Petrifying well is a type of well that causes object to look like stone once the object is left in the well for a few weeks, months or even years. The outer part of the object would turn into stone gradually.

People used to believe that this Petrifying well was a product of dark magic or witchcraft. Back then they did not have the technology to understand the magic behind the well. With the help of science, it was revealed that the objects turn into stone because of the process of evaporation and deposition in the water with a high mineral content.

It was in the year 1630 that the well of Knaresborough was made known to the public, ever since then the well still amaze individuals that visits the area. The people that live in the area used to think that it was a devil that cursed the well.

The reason why the villagers believe the place was cursed by a devil is because the side of the well is shaped like a giant skull. They were so scared to the extent that they could not even touch the well, they thought that it would turn them into stone if they ever touch it. People also believed that the well served as a healing spot in the past.

For a very long time now people have kept different kinds of objects in the well, they watch as the water turn the objects to stone gradually. It just takes a few weeks for the objects to change into stone, the sight of this alone is just amazing.

If you visit the well, you would see things like caps, Bicycles, toys, pots and many more all turned to stone. When scientist visited the well, they saw that the well has a high mineral content in it and that is what turns the objects to stone. Due to the content of the water, the Villagers were warned never to drink from it.

The petrifying well of Knaresborough is known as the United Kingdom's first tourist attraction site. People from all over the world still visit the well to see it's magic, they still drop different objects in the area and watch them slowly turn into stone.

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