Top 10 premier league goalscorers

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From the Season 1992-93 some of the best strikers of history played in England, but who was the top scorer of alla time? In this top 10 of who scored most Premier League goals you will find only top names! Check it out

1. Alan Shearer 260 goals

2. Wayne Rooney 208 goals

Wayne Rooney has been Man United highest goal scorere after Colton of man United

3. Andrew Cole 187 goals

Cole did well at his time in man United scoring 187 goals for United

4. Sergio Agüero 180 goals

Sergio Aguero is one of the best striker in the history of football

5. Frank Lampard 177 goals

Frank Lampard has been one of the most experience player in football recording 177 goals for this club side Chelsea

6. Thierry Henry 175 goals

Thierry Henry is an expectational player in times of football

7. Robbie Fowler 163 goals

8. Jermain Defoe 162 goals

9. Michael Owen 150 goals

10. Les Ferdinand 149

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