3 Best Jackie Chan Movies.

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Jackie Chan is one of the best comedy movie actor that many people around the world have ever seen since time immemorial, this is because of his funny fighting techniques that always makes us laugh uncontrollably.

Jackie Chan was born in China during in the early 90’s. The reason why this great movie actor is highly valued is because of his hard work and determination, in this article, we are going to see some of the best movies that this great actor has featured in.

1. Drunken Master.

This movie has been praised in almost all of the countries around the world because of its entertainment nature, for a very long time, this movie has been played on our televisions because it had a large number of audience.

In this movie, Jackie Chan plays the role of a young man by the name of Wong Fei- hung, his father punishes him because of his bad behaviours by forcing him to learn martial arts, he was being trained by a brutal trainer by the name of Beggar So. The film later end with Jackie Chan Showing his exemplary fighting skill.

2. The police story.

In this movie, Jackie Chan plays the role of inspector Chan Ku-Kai, he is a highly skilled police officer who plays the role of a fugitive after being framed for the crimes that he didn’t commit. This is one of the best movies that for a very long time have won the hearts of many movies lovers around the world because of its funny content.

3. Rumble in the Bronx.

 This movie has been acted in the country of America, Jackie Chan Plays the role of Keung, this is a man who travel from the country of Hong Kong to New York in order to witness the wedding of his uncle. He later on works as a supermarket attendant in his uncle’s supermarket, but later on, a syndicate comes to rob the supermarket and he becomes the target of the armed robbers.

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