If you do these 5 things to a woman in the morning she will never leave you.


Its always the obligation of a man to make her woman happy and feel secure and make her feel loved.Everyday you wake up beside her or even maybe she came over make her feel at home.Every girl like attention to be cared for and mostly be committed to her.

As a man do this toyour girl every morning tomake her feel loved all the time.

1.tell her good morning

her day should start with a good morning and end with evening.That way she will feel loved and cared for.By this you give her the assurance that you remember that she exists.

2.Tell her how beautiful she is.

Every girl always like to betoldhow beautiful they are gorgeous.Even though she may not admit it but she will walk out of there smiling. complimenting somoene boost their self esteem andmajes them aware that there is someoene who regognises their ability.

3.Give her good morning kiss.

you just have to give her a peck or anything just to feel appreciated, look in her eyes and smile thats enough.

4.Bring her breakfast to bed.

This is the most romantic thing to do.cook for her her best meal and be the chef serve her in bed and give her the assurance that whatever she needs youll always be there.

5.suprise her.

Nobody dislikes surprises mostly given by the person they love.That makes their day and all sorts, and make them feel appreciated.

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