"It's My Babe's Birthday" Xtiandela Tells The World


Xtian Dela and Fatmah Banj seem to be taking their love story to the next level as they collaborated on several projects together. On their social media handles the love birds always show their unending late nights stay as they shoot videos up for their YouTube channels, they featured a young group of guys film stylist and came up with a new wave of challenges in which Xtian deal is always in the rival team against Fatmah the Banj.

From Xtian deal's Instagram latest post, he acted so romantically attracting several responses from curious fans around the world and Kenya to be specific. He posted a romantic picture of him sharing a moment with Fatmah Banj and accompanied it with a beautiful caption saying my world in one picture, honestly, I would not have been whom I am without you Fatmah Banj then concluded with a happy earth day babe statement, I love you. And the world knew it was Fatmah's birthday. 

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