Never Exhibit The Following Behaviors If You Want Your Crush To Like You Back


Love is the most beautiful emotion. It carries the reward of a happy life if you actually find and treasure it. It is the only necessity for a relationship that will last forever.

Now, a crush is generally known as 'puppy love. It is not really love because it is often based on appearance, money, nice clothes and many more physical attributes.

Discovering that a 'crush' is not actually love, does not change anything about how someone feels about you.

This article was written to help you not miss out on someone you have 'puppy' love for. You really need to be happy no matter what I say.

So, if you want your crush to like you back, never exhibit the following behaviours:

1. Stealing

A lot of people do not know that people who steal do not deserve to be happy. It is the way life was designed. You cannot steal from people and expect to get good things. God will not allow you get it.

2. Lying

Relationship has not room for lies. If you are someone that tells lies, you will never be happy. It is high time you stop the dirty tongue and come clean.

3. Gossip

Those who gossip are no where on the success tree. They are not successful in anything they do. This is because they are guilty of wasting time meant for work.

4. Hateful Language

The essence of relationship is to make yourself and others happy. Those who are hateful in speech cannot be trusted. They will be responsible for the downfall of that relationship.

5. Careless Financial Behavior

If you do not know how to spend wisely, you will not have someone that loves you for who you are.