Roman Reigns Smashes Brock Lesnar To Win Two WWE Titles At WrestleMania

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WWE leading wrestler, Roman Reigns who is famously known as "The Big Dog" or the "Tribal Chief" have caused an uproar in the social media platforms after he smashed the toughest wrestler in the company, Brock Lesnar, who is famously known as "The Beast".

The reports of the results were shared by Roman Reigns on his Official Facebook timeline and his official Twitter handle where he posted a message that confirmed his success in the WrestleMania match that was being tagged as the main even of the entertainment industry.

The match was scheduled to unite the RAW title which was held by Brock Lesnar and the Universal title held by Roman Reigns where the winner would take all the titles.

"undisputed," Roman Reigns posted on Facebook.

At the same time, he accompanied the message with an incredible photo where he was holding the RAW title and the Universal Title on his shoulders.

Congratulations to the Tribal Chief.

Source: Roman Reigns official Facebook page.


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