Opinion: Who Will Be the Next Governor of Kakamega Between Malala or Khalwale?


His Exellency Wycliffe Ambetsa Oparanya's term as the governor of governor of Kakamega county is also coming to an end.Oparanya was elected to the county's top position in the year 2013.The party that sponsored him to his office was the Orange Democratic Movement which he is still subscribing to it as a member.

Oparanya's has recently declared his ambition of leading the country as the president through the ODM's ticket.The party has not yet answered to his call since Raila Amollo is also an aspirant of the seat.Oparanya has also been seen interacting with Ruto a multiple of times recently.

Immediately after leaving the office who is more likely to fill the office as the next governor of Kakamega?Cleophas Malala who is the currently serving as the senator of the county and the former senator Dr Boniface Khalwale have so far expressed their aspiration of becoming the next governor.

The race to fill the seat will for sure be very tough owing to the fact that both are great strategist and big names in the county's politics.Boniface is a senior member of the United Democratic Alliance while Malala is a member of the ANC party under the leadership of Mudavadi.Who will be the next governor of Kakamega county?The question remains to the registered voters in the county of Kakamega.

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