'Drama as Woman Raid Co-wife Bar, Destroy Property After Disagreement With Husband over School Fees

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Police are holding in custody a middle-aged woman who is accused of causing malicious damage to property at a local pub following a disagreement with her husband over school fees.

According to a report by local publication, Agnes Karimi entered JJ Wines and Spirits shop while drunk, and forcefully took beer. The shop belongs to alleged Co-wife identified as Agnes Wanjiku.

Karimi is also said to have damaged the counter, including four beer glasses all valued at Sh5,400.

It was reported to the authorities that Karimi had checked into the liquor store and ordered three bottles of Tusker Cider worth Sh690.

She refused to pay the bill and instead breached peace by destroying Wanjiku's counter table and glasses.

Karimi told the court that she had gone to ask for help from her estranged husband to pay school fees for her child.

"I had been requesting him for money in vain, so I decided to meet him in person because I was worried that my child would drop out of school but he could not listen to me," she said.

"He informed me that the business premise belonged to a different woman and I should not meddle in their affairs. We had a brief argument before he assaulted me."

The accused was arraigned in court and charged with causing malicious damage to property.

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