" I got a permanent employment in Europe "Lady says

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Working in Europe can open up the world full of new opportunities for an African. A beautiful Tswana lady took to twitter to celebrate with her followers. Faith is a nurse and she was told yesterday that she got a permanent job in the UK. The employer wants her to start as soon as possible and she couldn't be happier. She says her mom is sad, she told her to visit them every weekend which is impossible.

" I got a permanent employment in Europe and my employer wants me to relocate on my birthday month this year. God is a good." She said.

"My friend just shared with me that she is relocating too. She got a permanent employment. She is leaving in few weeks and i absolutely love it for her. Congratulations to you" Said @MsLebsa.

"Congratulations, that has always been my dream. Be safe and don't forget to share your journey with us." Said @Connie



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