Why Hell's Kitchen Is A Tourist Attraction Site In Coast Region



The beautiful and unique scenery is called Marafa depression.It is also known as Hell's kitchen.It is located 40kilometres Northwest from Malindi town in Magarini subcounty near Marafa health centre,Kilifi county in the coast region.It covers approximately 2500square metres covering a 7hectare piece of land.The communities living in the area Chonyi,Giriama and Swahili people.It is characterized by white,yellowish and deep red rock colours sorrounded by acacia trees.It is an odd sandstone vast canyon like area resulting from soil erosion locally known as "Nyari" which means,the place broken by itself.The sandstone ridge worn by winds,rain,and floods into series of jagged gorges with strange and surreal natural shapes.

It is known as hell's kitchen because of very high temperatures at certain times of the Marafa locals believe that Hell's Kitchen came to being long ago due to God's wrath on a local village they were rich and extravagant that they didn't even bathe in milk from their cows an honey whilet theirneighbours languished in poverty.

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