Walter Zenga [ex-Inter goalkeeper]: Cristiano Ronaldo is not used to not winning trophies


Walter Zenga [ex-Inter goalkeeper]:

“Cristiano Ronaldo is not the same as last year. His nervousness has to do with realizing that he is no longer able to have the same impact on the team. As a great man and a champion, he is mad at himself. “

Some people start talking without thinking! Ronaldo's stats say it all, he's the top scorer in Serie A with 25 goals.

He scored the winning goal for Juventus in the Italian Super Cup final against Napoli. he scored 49% Juventus goal this season, and they still say that he's angry with himself! Actually, he's mad at his selfish teammates, at the poor midfield, at an inexperienced coach and instead of winning important trophies, he should fight for his team to be in the UCL next season! I hope Ronaldo makes the best decision at the end of the season and doesn't make any more mistakes. His fans are also tired like him because they are not used to not winning trophies.