Robert Marawa allegedly finds love with an actress who is 23 years younger than him

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They look great together

It has been reported that Robert Marawa finally finds love. After having fun together with Nonku Williams for the past few days, it has been stated that he is not a tually dating her. Robert Marawa is now dating an actress from Durban Gen. They have not been seen together in public yet but it has been said that they are currently dating.

Robert Marawa is a sports presenter and he is one of the most successful businessman in South Africa. He might be old but he still looks good.

Robert Marawa is Nelisiwe Sibiya she is currently an actress on Durban Gen. I have to say that Robert just found a beautiful woman who appreciates him for who he is. I think Nelisiwe Sibiya is a perfect match for him, because she is a beautiful woman who is more focused on her career and wants to be successful.

Robert Marawa is always keeping his love life private because he knows that there is a lot of people wanting to know what he is up to. His fans are all happy that he finally finds love, and they are now asking what happened between him and Nonku Williams.

Fans are wishing them all the best to their new relationship because they love them together. Some of the fans are fiving each other advices to start building their careers, and then find love just like what Robert did with Nelisiwe Sibiya. This will definitely be one of the most loved couples in South Africa.


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