Supernatural Forces That Are Sacred Among The Luo Community

For the Luo, there is no conflict or incompatibility between science and religion. The supernatural forces or entities intervene in the Luo affairs according to whether the subject has conformed or contravened the cultural provisions of the home.

These spots and times become sacred spaces and times. The sacred spaces and times are sites that are contested and protected at all costs, because the Luo believe the family could become sickly out of charms planted in such places if left unprotected.

Science and religion are so integrated in this faith and one cannot find contradictions 205209 Interdisciplinary Research & Innovation for the Betterment of Humanity between them. The homestead is designed by the scientific flow of water caused by elevation of the landscape and gravity. It is treated as a temple where the worship is integrated to the cultural heritage. On this platform, the unborn are linked to the living and the dead.

Procreation is spaced out by timed mating synchronized to the cycles of natural seasons. Such interactions are also ordered according to the age sets in a descending order. After birth, the time the baby spends in the house before it is brought out depends on its gender.

The baby girl takes three days and the male ones take five days. This interval in reversed at death. The burial ceremony of tero buru is organized in a week for a female but in a month for a male character. In between birth and death, the people' s rites of passage are ordered strictly according to sequence in which the people were born.

The sacred spaces for offering sacrifices in the home include the gate, the door and the center of the house above which there is osuri on the roof. There is a pole running from the center of the house to the roof. It is this pole which holds up the roof.

If sickness afflicted the inhabitants of this house, a medicine man would examine this space among other spaces to determine the causes of the illnesses and figure out their remedy. The binary thinking demands that the males are buried on the right- hand side while the males are buried on the left.