Do this if you want to get rid of curses hanging on your life


Curse is a spiritual projections directed against an individual and family . Irrespective of your personality or age , a curse can nullify your life for shame , poverty , disease, setbacks in life and more . This wicked projection shouldn’t be taken lightly because it has render many people hopeless and empty in life . If you want to get rid of a curse hanging over you

- when everything goes wrong (your activities are blocked, problems from left to right, debts here and there and you can no longer sleep

- you have been dragging a story of witchcraft for years, spirits of masturbation, women and husbands at night and despite all the treatments carried out you have not yet had satisfaction.

- before you have a lot of money but because of the evil spell of the enemies all the paths of prosperity and wealth are blocked and despite all the efforts you are making to get up again does not work ...

- people who owe you money and refuse to pay you

- people have mystically cast spells on you to separate you from your wife or your husband ...


African basil leaf

palm oil (red oil)

leaves of the king of herbs - gun powder


Crush the leaves in palm oil to add gunpowder. This composition is left to stand and recovered the next morning.

Any family can use

To use it, just put a few drops of this combination in your bath water to rinse off every night at bedtime for 7 days. Whatever the degree of bad luck, blocking, bewitchment, will be deactivated, destroyed . If you have any questions on this article you can Whatsapp me on 0 24 .61 5 .88 9 and you be glad for your questions answered.