Memes for a good laugh

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Here are memes for a good laugh

A little laughter never hurt anyone , check out the following memes and keep a smile on your face.

Sometimes you just to say something then just staying quiet that's how we learn.

Better than nothing

Being scammed is not very nice

And then taxi driver be like who didn't pay

Ai ngeke like they say (umjolo) dating nis a pandemic

How true is this funny but actually true

Lol akere you the head of the house


When dating is not for you

Coacoroches , takes over the house when you al go to bed and switch off the light

Curiosity killed a cat

Such mistakes shouldn't be done on Twitter

Its still going to be bad

Is the outfit necessary?

This had to be the ladies idea

Some things you need to enjoy them alone , after all those were your lucky numbers

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