How to prevent Men from cheating using Porcupine Quills, Sangoma expose a hidden secret (Video)

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There are secrets men and women do not know about. A lady who is a Sangoma explained on a video she shared on social media that there is a way to stop a man from cheating. Gogo went deeper and shared how it is all done.

While recording the video she kept laughing as though people had a clue what she was about to share. She held on to a Porcupine Quills and started sharing the secret. She exposed that nothing will ever keep a man. Only one knows how to bath like a real woman.

You might be giving him time as much as you can, as long you don't dress to impress. He will never find a reason to be jealous of you. What keeps a man is jealousy nothing else, since men don't want to be disrespected. Gogo exposed that no matter how hard you try, never think there is Muthi to keep men from cheating.

Since women feel betrayed whenever they hear that their partners are cheating in them. They turn to Sangomas for help. If a person has more than one eye he will keep looking nothing will stop him unless you leave.

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