Pre Cause Of Death For Enyobeni 22 Teenagers Finally Revealed, See What might have Killed them

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As many individuals try to come to terms with the fact that twenty-two schoolchildren lost their lives, the event still seems like a dream to them. It has been said that a gathering took place at a tarven in East London known as "Enyobeni," and that the space was packed with attendees. A few of the students made the decision to travel there in order to rejoice over the completion of their exams. Twenty-two young people, ranging in age from thirteen to eighteen, were found dead in the wee hours of the morning.


Ever since Sunday morning, there has been a huge debate as people contradict each other on what might have caused the deaths of those children. There have been so many rumours and contradictions as people always have something to say. Yesterday, police told the public that the cause of death hasn’t been identified since investigations are still underway.

Finally, the reports are out. According to forensic pathologists, preliminary findings suggest that the 21 young people either breathed in or swallowed something that ultimately contributed to their deaths. According to forensic examiners, something that they swallowed, either from the beers that they were ingesting or something that they inhaled from those hubbly-bubblies [water pipes or hookahs] that they were smoking, was the cause of their deaths.



After this was posted on social media, people are suggesting that the area must be investigated to check if there was no gas leakage from the fridges or any other things that use gas. Some are saying it means that the story about pepper spray is true since some of the survivors said they suffocated because of the pepper spray.



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