Kambua Shows Off Her All Grown Son


Gospel artist Kambua has showed her son for the first time.His name is a biblical word Nathaniel.

Kambua who is on a vacation at South Coast Diani with her son added to her Instagram page and captioned with appreciating words.

Kambua expresses unlimited love for her only son.

The mother of one lost her second born son Malachi this year February after a short after birth illness.

Malachi was the second born of Kambua and his husband Jackson Mathu.

Kambua had earlier announced her pregnancy on last year November.

Since then Kambua shared that life has not been easy but she had to accept God's will upon her life.

For her it has been a hard journey of healing but she has been able to obtain ways of dealing with the pain and loss.

She reads books and travels a lot and also she had a strong support systsm from friends and family.

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