David Wonder Chooses Whom He Can Act With, Kiss, Take On A Date Among Mammito, Cartoon & Diana


Kenyan Artist Singer David Junior Odera Popularly known as David Wonder is one of most consistent and scandal free Gospel Musicians in Kenya.

Since making his debut under Bahati's EMB record label in 2017 with a song Naelewa, wonder has continued to bless his fans with spirit lifting songs.

After parting ways with EMB in January 2019, he joined Mr. Seed in his new Starboy empire record label and they have been working together since.

Today he got hosted by Radio Maisha Presenters Billy Miya and Mbaruk Mwalimu in Maisha Jioni show segment dubbed Celebrity hot seat where he was faced with 5 uncomfortable questions about his journey and personal life.

In the section Wonder was able to clear the air on whether he owes Bahati 6 Millions as the latter stated in one of interview two years ago.

The washangaze hitmaker made it clear that all the songs he done while working under Bahati's EMB retained the company rights hence it has been making profits from them.

The last question became tricky and more fun as Wonder was asked to choose among three known celebrities, Cartoon Comedianne, Mammito and Diana Marua who he can take on a date and leave her with bills to pay, Kiss and Act a Movie With.

"Kati ya Diana Marua, Cartoon Comedian na Eunice Mammito nani utafanya filamu naye, ni nani utakiss na nani utaenda naye Date na umuache na bill nono ya kulipa?" Posed Billy Miya.

"(Laughs)... Hii hotseat yenu ni Kali kweli... Hapo... Mimi nitafanya nitafanya movie na Cartoon, then nitaenda date na Mammito alafu nimuachie bill..(haha)." Answered the Singer.

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