20 Characteristics of a True Prophet

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Nigerian Pastor during one of his deliverance sessions(photo)

Many Pastors and ministers of the gospel have been called Prophets. This is without considering the qualities that qualifies one to have such a title. Some do not understand the difference between an Apostle, a Prophet, Pastor or a Bishop. That's why Christians have been confused on who is supposed to be given which title. To clear this confusion, check the following characteristics that will help you identify whether your leader is a prophet or not;

1. Must have power to call down fire.

2. Must have command over rain i.e. shutting and opening the sky during the times of their prophecy.

3. They literally destroy their enemies.

4. Have power to turn water into blood.

5. Have power to strike the earth with epidemics, Incurable diseases.

6. They are appointed by God himself.

7. They stand before God of all the earth.

8. Must have massive anointing.

9. They last for long(Durability).

10. They endure harsh conditions.

11. Must have divine purity.

12. They are fueled by God Himself.

13. No Mountain stands before them.

14. They existed even before Christ.

15. They must be Prophets of God.

16. Their prophecies must come to pass.

17. They must face opposition and black mails from the towns in which they prophesy.

18. They must have power to resurrect the dead.

19. Must have power to heal every kind of disease under the sun including HIV/AIDS.

20. They must be holy and preach holiness only. No gospel of money should come out of their mouths.

So before someone calls himself or herself a Prophet, check whether he/she bears the above characteristics. The Bible says during end times many will come in my name and will deceive many. Mathews 24:11 ''At that time many will fall away and will betray and hate each other, and many false prophets will arise and mislead many. Because of the multiplication of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold.…''

A wise Christian will be able to discern a true Prophet from a false one and be able to make the right decision. Above all, holiness is what matters for our eternity in heaven. No one will see heaven without being holy. Holiness can only be attained by receiving Christ, turning away from Sin and getting baptized.

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