Girlfriend Allegedly Kill Her Baby Daddy For A Share Of His R350 Grant

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As good as this R350 Grants could have been over the past few years in a semce that they have successfully managed to help certain families put bread on the table, Helped others set up thier small business and help more people in various ways to meet thier essential needs, It seems like those who have always had the mentality that everything always has its bad sides regardless of how good it is.

Right now as we speak reports has been pouring in from Bushbuckridge in Mpumalanga wereby it is allerged that a girlfriend has killed her boyfriend for a share from his R350 Grant cash, According to my source: What went down was that down was that the couple got into a very heated argument after the girl wanted a share of the Grant (R200) to buy some pampers but the baby daddy had other plans which was to go drink in friends and enjoy himself

Well the argument did not end good because now the young girl (keletso) is allerged to have ended up getting a knife and stabbing the guy for a count of 4 times into his heart and unfortunately he could not survive after that.

Checkout what mzansi people has come out and said regarding this entire situation so far (read some of thier comments in the screenshoots attached below

So now with all this being said and things being the way they are now what it is that you have to say seeing that the mis management of this R350 Grants has now cost somebody his life? Do you think the government should intervene and make it accessible for food and Essentials only or what?

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