The End Is Near: See What This Old Man And Young Lady Were Caught Doing In Public

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We often assume that because someone is old, they are automatically wise hence possess some well-mannered attributes and general positive characteristics we can learn from and emulate even at a young age.

However, the reality differs from this assumption and this new video making waves on the internet supports the reality that, old age doesn't necessarily mean wisdom. A very old man who looks more than three times the age of a young lady he was busily dancing inappropriately with was captured on tape and landed on Instagram.

You need little to no convincing evidence that the two adults were recklessly exhibiting major signs of immaturity. Their public display of shamelessness was applauded and captured by like-minded people who were present at the venue of the gross scene.

If our elders and leaders who are supposed to know better and do better are exhibiting such conduct in public --- what do they except from us then?  

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