Are They Fed Up? "You Will Not Act, We Shall Invite Our Supporters To Act" ODM Leader Declare


Residents of Bonchari constituency went to the poling stations to elect their preferred candidate as their area member of Parliament. Thirteen candidates are eying for the seat. ODM Party candidate, UDA party candidate and Jubilee Party candidate are seen as the front runners. However, ODM party leaders and UDA candidate are crying foul. According to the, the cabinet Secretary Honourable Matiangi is using State machineries to influence the outcome of the by-election of Bonchari constituency.

Photo courtesy of Standard Digital

These ODM party has called the IEBC to act and ensure the election is free a d fair. However, ODM party leaders have said that IEBC have done nothing to promote free and fair election. ODM has alleged that two ballot boxes stuffed with ballot papers have been delivered to the area Chief Madam Truphosa. Truphosa's home is one hundred meters away from the poling station. They also added that these ballot boxes are awaiting to be ferried to the Entange poling station.

They have warned that if IEBC do not act on the said act, they will call upon their allies to safeguard their right. "... If IEBC will not act, we shall invite our Supporters to act..." The ODM party Twitter account read.

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