Nigeria: Mother Kills Her 3-year-old Child By Escaping With Money Meant To Perform Brain Surgery


See how a mother killed her child by escaping with money meant to perform brain surgery that will save the child.

Today let me take you to Nigeria, the African country with mysterious events. Apparently, Nigerians are saddened by the occurrence of the sad event that led to the death of a 3-year-old child called Ada. The child is suffering from a disease that requires brain surgery in order to be saved. The mother could not raise the money by herself so it was announced and an account was created to welcome donations from philanthropists who wish to help save this child. An amount of three million nairas (3,000,000) equivalent to almost GHS 45,000. The initial plan was to pay the money into the hospital's account but most of the things required for the surgery had to be bought from outside so the money was paid into the child's mother's account.

The Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) responsible for the donations announced to the public the disturbing news of Ada's mother's escape. The child passed away yesterday after his mother escaped with the money raised to perform his brain surgery.

Disturbing and saddening this news is, we must all learn from this especially philanthropists who wish to help others.

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