Facts you didn't know about Apostle ng'ang'a

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Pastor James Ng'ang'a Maina commonly known as Apostle ng'ang'a of the Neno evangelism church is one of the most controversal preachers of our time.

He has been filled in several videos bullying, beating and even abusing his congregation and here are some other negative things you didn't know about apostle Ng'ang'a

1.Ng'ang'a was jailed for two decades when he was 18 years in 1972 in Nakuru county. He was proven guilty for hardcore criminal and sentenced from 1972

2. Pastor Ng'ang'a once declared that he is mad which is why he claims to be able to convert even the most obstinate men. According to what he does and how he speaks is actually somehow true that he is mad . His actions sometimes speak louder.

3. His wife Mrs Loise Murugu Maina sued him for full custody of their child, citing infidelity,drunkedness and abuse . If your own wife can sue you for such a act then it's somehow evident that your not actually a good individual.

I still wonder why every Sunday Kenyans are still crowded at the Neno evangelism church listening and being abused and even bullied by Apostle Ng'ang'a

What is it Soo interesting about this man that his followers Soo much believe in his preachings ?? Leave your comment I just want to know

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