Reason Why People Need To Moderate Sending Excessive Gifts To Liqurose And Emmanuel As A ‘Couple’

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There is no doubt that many people want to see Emmanuel and Liquorose together as couple. People have been showering them with expensive material gifts since they came out of the house. However, it is important that we act moderately in everything that we do. 

In the history of Big Brother Naija, there is always a group of people who identified themselves as ‘shippers’. They always want to establish a form of romantic relationship between two housemates in the house. These shippers have been in existence for a long time and they always repeat the same thing. 

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There is nothing bad in rooting for two people in a reality show to be together but there are some things that every shipper needs to understand. Reality stars are in a confined space for a long period of time without any access to the outside world. They get to see each other and do things together in a confined space for a period of time. 

In the confined space of the Big Brother house, anything can happen. Some housemates will develop genuine feelings while others will just be infatuated. It is now left for the housemates to examine the feelings they developed in the house when they get to the outside world. They need time to do this and they should not be rushed. 

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Liquorose and Emmanuel need time, space and privacy to examine and understand what is going on between them. They need to take time to understand what they feel for each other and decide if they can be together. Excessive gifts from ‘shippers’ would only hasten this process which could affect them in the long run. 

The ‘shippers’ are not making this process easy for them as they keep creating an impression that they must be together because they (the shippers) want them together. Emmanuel and Liquorose need time and privacy more than excessive gifts at this point because now is the time to define their relationship. 

Excessive gifts would only create unnecessary pressure for them to be together. Even if there is a reason why they genuinely want to be apart, they would not want to disappoint hundreds of people who desperately want them to be together.

The second batch of gifts from 'Emmarose' shippers which is just few days after the first batch

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Indirectly, the shippers are creating an impression in the minds of Emmanuel and Liquorose that they must be together because they want to be together. The ‘shippers’ are rushing them to be ‘the imaginary couple’ that they dream of. 

The ‘shippers’ could save all the gifts that they want to present them until their relationship is mature and defined. They can start giving them gifts as much as they want when the two have officially announced that they want to be together as ‘couple’. 

Sending excessive gifts at this phase of their relationship would influence their decisions which could be detrimental to their relationship in the long run.

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