Painful: Four Passengers Confirmed Dead After Truck Crushes Their Matatu Vehicle

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Residents of Turkana have witnessed a very sad scenario today where a truck has overturned and crushed a Matatu vehicle full of passengers. The main cause of this accident has not yet been identified however more investigations are still being carried out.

Photo courtesy, image used for evidence.

According to the report, this accident occured a few hours today at a place called Miti Mbili near turbo. There were no emergency services available, the ambulance arrived late leading to the death of four passengers as they failed to get first aid care on Time. The traffic police officers arrived at the scene late and took the four lifeless bodies to the mortuary for preservation and postmortem as they await burial.

Photo courtesy, image used for illustration purpose only.

The vehicle wreckage are still on the scene as they are being towed from the road to pave way for other vehicles so that normal day operations can continue. Please do like, comment and share.

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