Top Secrets You Should Know About Airbnb Business in Kenya

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These are the factors that should be considered if a person wants to run an Airbnb business.

1.Security issue. You should choose a room that is in a place with sufficient security. Atleast let there be a gate and a strong door that the guest can lock. This will help the guests to feel safe when they are in the room.The place should have water, strong WiFi and electricity all the time.

2. Cleanliness. There is nothing that is more important than cleanliness in the airbnb business. Every room should be neat and we'll arranged to make the visitors feel comfortable when they visit. Let them feel like it is worth the money that they are paying for it. If are committed elsewhere, you can hire someone to do the cleaning.

3. Advertisements. Make sure that you use social media to advertise about your Airbnb business. Let all your followers, friends and relatives know about your Airbnb business. This will help to increase the number of guests that you will host. You must inform the people about your price so that they can make prior arrangements. You should take nice and clear pictures of your clean and arranged rooms and post the m on Facebook. Remember to indicate your phone number on the post to help interested people trace you. Let the house attract the customers by itself.

4. Safety of your belongings. Make sure that before a guest departs, you are able to confirm that everything is in good condition. If you don't conduct this confirmation, some guests can take advantage and destroy things in the room. This will increase the cost of repair and replacements. Increased repairs and replacements will hinder your business from growing. If you are afraid of the safety of glass tables you can buy the nice wood tables instead. The wooden tables can also fit perfectly.

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