Reasons Why Most People Remain Poor For A Long Time


The Bible makes it clear that the race is neither for the swift nor the battle for the strong but time and chance happens to them all (Ecclesiastes 9:10-11). This implies that everyone under the sun has an equal opportunity to be great. How you use your time matters. In addition, how you make use of the principles of success or guidelines needed to excel also matters. Many people ignore these principles to their detriment. Have you ever wondered why most people remain poor for a long time? Here are some reasons:

1. They have a victim mindset/attitude

Most people attribute their poverty to the countries where they live. They blame their background. But those are mere excuses that don't hold water. There are people who have prospered in the same nations that are considered poor or third world. In essence, the difference between poor and rich people is the later doesn’t make excuses.

2. Peer influence

There is a way your circle of friends can also influence your prosperity. For example, it's hard to resist friends who always want you to spend money. Due to peer- pressure, most people waste their hard-earned money. One may want to please their friends at the expense of their own peace and financial stability and wellness. This sets one on a cycle of being broke and eventually poor, especially when there is no means of compensation.

3. They don't increase their income

What guarantees an increase in income is being able to harness multiple streams of income. This will ensure there's cash flow which in turn will bring transformation if properly utilized. If it's not possible to do multiple investments, consider getting education on the same. Alternatively, provide value at your place of work. The value you bring to an organization can warrant your promotion or demotion. With promotion comes an increase in salary. The vice versa is true.

4. They don’t invest on acquisition of skills and knowledge

There's need to read books, get proper training and be equipped with necessary skills that can help one raise the standard of living. Get good mentors who can help you skip failures and earn more.

5. They are not open minded

Don't just focus on one solution. You also need to save and invest. Most people are trying to solve the money puzzle with one piece alone. Be open minded and be ready to take some risks.

Do you think the above reasons are true? What are the other reasons why most people remain poor for a long time? Feel free to share in the comments section.


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