Food for thought for women

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Thank you for clicking on my article. Kindly hit the follow button for more updates on my interesting posts. Today’s post would be based on special words that would encourage or might lift the spirits of women out there. 

The first you have to do is to love yourself above everything. Know your strength and your weaknesses and accept that you are unique and in your special way. Know that you are beautiful and worth being with. For that you have to own it. 

Don’t be very quick to judge other women, without knowing their struggles or where they have been through to get where they are. Instead, support them equally whether they are stay home mums or entrepreneurs. Don’t feel as if you have to compete with her and move on the same pace as her. Remember that God makes things wonderful in His own special time. There is also a time for everyone to make it.

Be confident in who you are and own it. Celebrate all the achievements you have conquered and have in mind your capability to perform better. Get time for yourself and be happy. Your past doesn’t define you. Dwelling on it does. Move on as you learn from it and free yourself from any regrets.  

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