"I blame the brainwashed worshippers" Citizens React After A Pastor Calls Heaven Using his Phone

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A whole congregation fell for the pastor’s pretense of making a call in heaven. The self-proclaimed preacher took out his phone, dialed a number and pretended to be talking to someone in heaven.

Tuko news posted his story on their Facebook that raised eyebrows online.

Elphas Mmboyi reminded the members of public that the book  of Hosea clearly states that, many people perish because they lack Wisdom and knowledge.

Walal Ajmal  was wondering why the pastor would deceive innocent Christians. He further suggested that the pastor should pit his phone on loud speaker.

Karanja Adhiambo stated that there are so many ways of talking to God. He added that people shouldn’t be ignorant and analog.

“Can he give us the number he used? I want to know when Jesus will be coming,” said Dan kalu.

Daniel Kennedy openly stated the he blames the brainwashed worshippers and he got nothing against the preacher.

 “No weapon formed against my data shall prosper in this world, the devil is always a liar,” added Grace.

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