How to Write a Good CV

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Writing a curriculum vitae is one of the basic things that every job seeker in any cadre should know. A CV or a resume is a summery of one's information mostly academically and at personal status. This article will highlight some a simple format of a good CV.

The Heading: It is always good to give your CV a tittle. This will give your employer quick impression by knowing that the piece of document presented is a curriculum vitae. The heading Should simply be written as " Curriculum Vitae "

Personal Information: This entails mostly contacts reachable contacts , name, age (not amust) and other physical address or information. It should also be notable that personal information should be precise and true.

Profile: This part shows ones attributes, ethics, values, visions and missions. Phrases such as " I am a goal oriented and hardworking individual " should be included here.

Work Experience/ Attainments : Work experience is one of the most crucial things to indicate incase you are seeking employment. When writing, it is advisable to add all the relevant previous employment with achievements.

Educational Background : This is just a summery of institutions attended and academic qualifications in each and every level. It should be given in hierarchical manner starting with the highest qualification attained to the lowest.

Skills And Competence: Skills are unique abilities either taught or talent while competence is the ability to takle an assigment due to some knowledge. By indicating your skills , it will add flair to the CV.

Hobbies and Interest : These are set of leasure activities that someone might be interested in for fun. Hobbies should only be added in the event they don't conflict with those of the employer.

Reference : This entails persons who might have worked with or have known you for some period. A good references should have the name(s) , contacts and designation of the referees. Referees should always be given only on request.

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