What Wiper Party Delegates Did To Raila Odinga That Left Baba And OKA Principals Perplexed (VIDEO)

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ODM leader Raila Odinga today lefts a section of Kenyans tight-lipped after what the Wiper party delegates did to him while making his way to a key function.

With the 2022 general election just less than one year, the political landscape has begun to gain momentum as political bigwigs flex their muscles as they prepare for what is considered the battle of the titans in the race to land the top seat in the land.

And just after the meeting between OKA leaders and the Mt Kenya unity forum leaders in what was considered a political third force in the race to succeed President Uhuru, Kenyans today were left in stitches after what they saw during the Wiper party National Delegates Conference.

In a video posted online by one of the local stations, the ODM leader much to his surprise and also other OKA principals received a heroic welcome at the Kasarani gymnasium with chants of Baba! Baba and Igwe... rocking the air.

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