Moment ladies fight dirty over Wizkid’s sweaty towel during concert

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Some ladies are very amusing, I sometimes wonder whether there is a difference between a prominent people and an ordinary person. I know you would say the difference it that one is prominent and the other is ordinary.

Not that difference, it is surprising how they are sometimes treated as god's. Why should you struggle over a dirty sweaty towel? Well, you will understand what am trying to say after reading the below.

In a video, two slay queens can be seen fighting over a sweaty and filthy towel thrown at them by Nigerian rapper Wizkid. The incident occurred during a recent concert when the Grammy-nominated singer was performing.

While performing, Wizkid was seen wiping sweat off his face with a towel. He wrapped up the towel and tossed it into the crowd after completing his task.

The towel dropped squarely on two slay queens as folks in the neighborhood leaned out to reach for it, which was fortunate for them. They kept both ends of the towel in their hands, reluctant to let go so the other might have it.

The two slay queens began screaming at each other to let go, and the otherwise quiet performance devolved into a brawl as they fought over who would take home the dirty towel.

The slay queens were mocked by many Nigerians on social media. Some people also expressed their thoughts on what they would have done if they had been in the place of the slay queens.

At the same show, Wizkid seized a die-hard fan's phone and recorded himself giving her a shout-out.

The celebrity asked for the phone number of a woman who was trying to record every detail of him performing songs from his Made in Lagos (MIL) album.

He then told the DJ to turn down the music and started a chat with the audience while recording himself on the fan's phone.

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