Innovation: The Company That Uses Elephant Poop To Produce Paper.


When you hear shit, it disgust you right?? You start to ask yourself, which idiot will go carry shit and start working on it. Well, here it is. Just five minutes of your time.

We all are pretty much aware paper is made from trees. Trees are cut down, cut into pieces, shredded and grounded to make paper just for us to write on. This isn't eco-friendly at all as it forces us to destroy our forests increasing the negative impact of the sun and rain on our lands.

But there is a company that has innovately made the production of paper eco-friendly. These people are telling us the production of paper must not be done at the expense of our environment. They therefore use the droppings (sheet or faeces) of elephants, cows, horse and donkey. You're starting to ask yourself how big will that be to produce massive amounts of paper. Well, an elephant is a giant and its poop is usually about 20 litres. Yes! 20 litres. Imagine gathering the poop of 50 elephants in a day

These animals are vegetarian (they eat plants and vegetables) as we all know. For this reason, their dung or faeces most especially that of the elephant is about 80 percent fibre (undigested plants).

The name of this company is POOPOOPAPER as the name loudly explains what this company does. They are based in CHANG MAI, THAILAND.

They first collect the sheet, clean and boil it, mix and blend, colour it, make them into balls(extraction of liquid), screen it, dry it to make it hard and voila papers are ready to be moulded and cut into sizes.

Now, isn't this way better than destroying our environment just to get paper to write on??


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